Nauranga my village my sweet heart, by S.M. Aqeel

Syed Muhammad Aqeel Hussain Shah
Syed Muhammad Aqeel Hussain Shah

Nauranga has lost its physical identity due to continuous heavy erosion
The people of the area have shifted to various places
The Name of Nauranga was initially indicated on the Web site of the Government of Punjab
Nauranga has been a very beautiful combination
The promotion of education goes to late Headmaster
Here it would be injustice if I do not mention the name of

Syed Muhammad Aqeel Hussain Shah

I would feel hurt if I use “past tense i.e. was” while introducing my sweet village Nauranga; though it has apparently lost its physical identity due to continuous heavy erosion of River Indus and criminal negligence of our successive rulers, its name can never ever be deleted from the SMS of the evergreen “mobile hearts” of its residents. Nauranga is situated at the bank of River Indus in-between Jinnah Barrage and Chashma Barrage, Tehsil and District Mianwali, about 7 kilometers towards west from Tari Khel, a famous town situated on the western side of Kalabagh Road. After reading this article, the readers will come to know about the importance of this small and the most neglected part of the Punjab province (which got its place itself due to revolutionary education) and they will also realize that why I can’t dare to mention that it does not exist anymore. I am quite confident that one day, it will bring its “9th COLOUR” as per its name. Let us see and wait for that to happen!

Nauranga has lost its physical identity due to continuous heavy erosion of the River Indus. Its existence remained at stake for several years and now more than 99% of this village does not exist anymore. Thousands of hectares of fertile agricultural land (according to a rough estimate about 10,000 hectares) is under River Indus now. Unfortunately no proper action was taken by the District administration of Mianwali and the Government of Punjab to save the fertile agricultural land from more destruction.

The Name of Nauranga was initially indicated on the Web site of the Government of Punjab as a “Model Village” to be constructed, but later it disappeared due to unknown reasons. In fact, the construction of an embankment was the only way to save its identity. On the initiative of the Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, a feasibility report, prepared by the Irrigation department District Mianwali, was sent to the Government of Punjab for release of necessary funds, but no action was taken.

The people of the area have shifted to various places and they are living in a miserable condition. They have been waiting long time for an “angel” to come as a real “saviour”. The people in power usually close their eyes like “pigeons” on these occasions; the destruction of Nauranga, out sweet homeland, is the one of the examples of their criminal negligence in this respect.

Naurangahas been a very beautiful combination of different castes (more than 30 in total, living all together in an extremely harmonious, pleasant, cordial and brotherly atmosphere); Syeds- “SHAH”– (in a dominating position in terms of land ownership), Theems, Dharals (Awans/Maliks), local Pathans with different sub-castes (Sonay Khels, Hathi Khels, Guraz Khels, Tari Khels, etc), Wahgras, Chheenas, Kaloos, Chhehloos, Sewras, Mahaeyas, Heers, Mianas, Qureshis, Singhwals, Tayyas, Chinnels, Aurays, Khayaras, Chhaborays, Durranis, Vathwans, Laleykhels, Mussalis, etc. and also all other castes on basis of professions; Qasias (butchers), Nais (barbers), Dhobis (washer men), Mochis (cobbler/shoe makers), Mohanas (boatmen), Tirkhans (Carpenters), Lohars (blacksmith), Sunars (Goldsmiths) etc.

It is worth mentioning that the religious harmony in this part of the world always remained extremely exemplary; no religious dispute at all. There used to be only one mosque (mosque of Allah) and between elders, it was decided that whoever gives “Azaan” (call for prayers) first, whether he is some Shia or Sunni, will be acceptable to everybody and there will be no second call for prayers at all. I have never seen this gesture elsewhere.

Once upon a time this village has been very famous throughout Mianwali District and Sargodha Division for the promotion of education. Thousands of students, who got their basic education with distinction until middle level from Nauranga, are very successfully working in various government departments, semi-government institutions, banks, armed forces and foreign missions.

The promotion of education goes to late Headmaster Syed Atta Muhammad Shah (May his soul live in eternal peace forever!) and to his entire team; highly honourable and respectable teachers (I am really in short of words to pay my respect and profound regards to all of them, because I have never found/seen their match), Syed Aulad Hussain Shah, Malik Muhammad Usman, Aalam Khan, Fateh Khan, Noor Muhammad Shah Qureshi, Saleh Muhammad Shah Qureshi, Muhammad Ibrahim, Ghulam Jilani Khan, Raza Muhammad FANI, Syed Muhammad Shah, Syed Gulzar Hussain Bukhari, Syed Iqbal Hussain Shah, Malik Muhammad Aslam, Syed Sher Bahadur Shah, Syed Nasim Hussain Shah, Atta ullah Theem etc…(my teachers and theirs students, please forgive me regarding protocol order if any, or if I forgot any name, their names can be added by the administrator of this site).

This whole team headed by Syed Atta Muhammad Shah, devoted their lives to teach the poor students of the area without any discrimination; they are indeed mentors of this area.None of them had materialistic approach.With due apologies to my all teachers, I would like to pay my highly profound regards especially and particularly to my uncle and my best matchless (BENAZIR) English teacher, Syed Aulad Hussain Shah (May Allah place his soul in eternal peace! AAMEEN). If the old students of Syed Aulad Hussain Shah open this site in Mianwali and read this article, they must salute his tomb and pay tribute to this great personality at the graveyard of Rokhri More (Mianwali) and pray for his soul to remain in eternal peace. We should be proud of all what he had taught to us and what he had achieved; it did not go in vain at all; his students are very successful everywhere in Pakistan and abroad due to his unique method of English teaching.

Here it would be injustice if I do not mention the name of my great and honourable uncle Syed Tasawur Hussain Shah (May Allah place his soul in eternal peace! AAMEEN), who has helped countless residents of Nuaranga (and even of whole Mianwali District) to get them recruited in different departments. We should all follow his path and that of our beloved and respectable elders and teachers to help the humanity.

I would also like to mention another uncle of mine, a very important person of this village, Syed Atta Hussain Shah (May Allah place his soul in eternal peace! AAMEEN). He remained very active on political front throughout his life. In fact, he is the man, who gave political identity to Nauranga. This village got a distinctive name in Mianwali District and the whole Sargodha Division, for education revolution due to its extremely devoted teachers, and at the same time, became famous on political scene because of Syed Atta Hussain Shah’s continuous untired efforts. They have all made a history regarding the introduction of this small piece of land (unfortunately loosing its identity now a days, as indicated above).

At the end I dedicate these few lines on Nauranga to all my teachers and request them to correct my mistakes like they used to do in the past. I would be highly obliged and feel honoured.


Syed Muhammad Aqeel Hussain Shah
S/O (Late) Syed Dost Muhammad Shah
Resident of Village Nauranga,
Tehsil & District Mianwali.
Tel: 0300 51 44 811
Updated on: 17/11/2014


2 thoughts on “Nauranga my village my sweet heart, by S.M. Aqeel

  1. Nice record. Naurnga is, indeed, a land of wonders. Headmaster Sahib (Syed Atta Muhammad Shah) turned it into a hub of quality education. It has produced many renowned figures in various fields. Salaam to Shah Ji’s Nauranga.

    1. Sir, Thank you so much. Your nice words are indeed an asset for us. May Allah bless you with all His blessings and kindness. Regards, Aqeel Shah

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