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My uncle, Mr. Syed Aulad Hussain Shah (late)was a man of great character. He possessed numerous good qualities of head and heart. He had magnificent personality. He combated for the cause of humanity. He proved that man has been created for work and not for dreams. He had contempt for meaningless life.He opened his eyes in the home of the most pious man of his times on 04-04-1929. He was brought up by his parents in a very devout environment. He did his Matriculation in 1946 and Intermediate in 1948. He started his career as an English Teacher on 13-09-1949. He first posting was at Rokhri School.

He was recognized as a great teacher within few months of the start of his career. He had full command on English Language. He mastered the art of teaching English Grammar. He read various books on English Grammar. He used the books like “Pick Me Up series” of English Grammar and “Made Easy series” of Efzal Anware Mufti to inculcate a strong foundation of English language in his students. He was best suited to the profession of teaching. He was fond of reading and teaching.

He led a life of learning. He worked day and night to quench the thirst of knowledge of his students. He produced good citizens. As a great teacher, he changed the profile of Nauranga. Nauranga School became a station of learning during his posting there. He and his counterpart, uncle Syed Atta Muhammad Shah (late) played the main role in increasing the literacy rate of the region. His students were not only confined to district Mianwali but also spread to neighboring districts.

Uncle Syed Aulad Hussain Shah (late) had also command on Urdu and Persian languages. He was very learned and knowledgeable. As a man of knowledge, he was the leader of great scholastic movement that not only increased literacy but also decreased poverty. His mission has materialized and hundreds of his students have acquired affluence, rank and fame. He conferred power of knowledge on his students in every walk of life.

He matured the wisdom of his students. The superiority of Nauranga over the other regions of Mianwali is due the superior knowledge indoctrinated by him to his students at Nauranga School. He was an engineer-maker, a doctor-maker, a banker-maker, an officer-maker, a civil servant-maker and also a teacher-maker.

He was also the mentor of my father, Mr. Syed Tasawwur Hussain Shah (late).

He did an exacting job to make history. We cannot pay tribute to his services. His noble deeds were the continuation to the legacy of his father and grand-father. May Allah shower his blessings on him and rest his soul in peace and eternal heaven.

Written by: Hassan Murtaza


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