Martyr of Nauranga


Malik Sammar (Shaheed)
Malik Sammar (Shaheed)

Martyr of Nauranga

Malik Sammar (Shaheed) S/O Malik Gul Muhammad (Dharal)

Sammar was martyred in Kurram Agency on 18th February 2012 in a landmine explosion. He was a soldier of Pakistan Army.

We pay hommage and our salute to Shaheed Sammar. May Allah place his soul in eternal peace! – Aameen.

As Quran says “Do not call those dead, who lay their lives in the way of Allah, in fact they are alive, but you do not understand.”

So Sammar is in fact not dead; he is a Shaheed and will live in our hearts forever.

We, all residents of Nauranga present our deepest condolences to his berieved family, and pray to Almighty Allah to give theme courage to bear this irreparable loss.

NOOR JEHAN – Aye Watan Ke Sajeeley Jawano

Eh puttar hattan te nahi wikde

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